simply to save up…

Many people are wondering whether to remodel during winter? or spring? let me tell you 6 reasons why winter is the perfect time for remodeling.

1: to save up on worker (contractor) payment

The cost of contractors only increases in Toronto. According to statistics, the cost to pay the contractor and manufactures will increase about 5%-15%.

2: to avoid manufacturer spring price increases

It is cheaper to buy appliances during christmas time, you may find many merchandises on sale. It is perfect timing to purchase your main supplies around this time. Winter is the time to pick appliances and materials, so there is no need to worry about the construction after the holidays.

3: save on electricity

Many effective promotions occur during christmas season.

4: save on rent

There are more long weekends in the winter. If you are away on vacation during long weekends, it is the best timing to have work done during this time. Your home is all renovated once you are back. Not only would you save on rental fees but you would also managed your time efficiently.

5: save on time

Winter in Canada is quite cold, many Canadian clients leave for vacation, therefore contractors have more time to take care of your home renovations. In addition, Home renovation can be  completed faster during the winter.

6: airflow helps with eco-friendly environment

The most important factor of winter renovation is to take full advantage of the winter weather. The weather allows newly built wall to dry naturally. This is not only Eco-friendly, but also eliminate cracking hazards in the future. There’s less humidity in winter time, lumber and wood are placed in an environment without too much dampness. When it is closer to the end of January, the weather gradually becomes warmer. It is the most suitable time to get painting done.  The ideal shininess can be enhanced, along with desired smoothness. Painted door at around this time stays functional in the future use, less deformation and cracking.

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