1Home designs usually fail to address the most important part of the house; the stairs. It might be because some people are much more invested in renovation of other parts of the house. And there’s no denying that renovating rooms is much more fun than fussing over a staircase, but is it okay to ignore the stairs all together?

Whatever people may suggest, stairs are the focal point of a house and you’re not only going to see them every day, but you also have to use them daily. This is why stairs require your attention. You can style them to make them more personal and add eloquence to your whole home design. This renovation might take a bit longer than you expected but then the final result is definitely going to be a lot more pleasant.

Updating makes them more personal

Adding something to your house can be a hard decision. If you don’t keep an eye on the prize, you can eventually end up messing the whole project. By updating the stairs, you can add a personal touch to your home, making it livelier.

You’ll need to pay attention to the details though, making sure that they reflect your personality. A boring home design might force people to perceive that your personality is also dull, while a livelier design with portray the fun and bright side of your personality. As long as you’re comfortable with the design and essence of the renovation, you are good to go. Let those stairs reflect your individuality!

Updating makes them stand out

Some people like bright colors and their staircases might look like the latest piece of art, while there are others who value simplicity. Whatever your preference, you should let it reflect through your home design. Make renovations that are visually appealing, which will delight you for years to come.

Updating increases the price of your property

Maybe you can’t think of selling the house but just keep in mind that if you ever do, an impressive staircase will definitely increase the resell value of your property. To be fair, most people love a grand staircase because it adds class. A well structured staircase makes the perfect centerpiece for your house and any potential buyer will also see it that way.

So start updating that staircase and just to get you started, here are a few tips that will help you transform that boring staircase into a piece of art. Just remember, it should portray your personality.

Color it up

A colorful and cool look will definitely add some much needed brightness to your home design. Go for rainbow colors and paint each step riser a different color. If you want this colorful design without the hassle of painting, just install lights in rainbow shades. This gives you an added benefit. Switch on the lights and you can have the most chic staircase. Want a somber look? Just switch off the lights.

Patterned adhesive tape is also an option. It adds color and pattern to your home design , and isn’t as permanent as paints. Though the work will be tedious and time taking, the end result will make your staircase look like an abstract piece of art.

You can achieve the same results by using different colored carpets or rugs, something like a carpet collage. Some people opt for stair runners. Not only do they look good and add patterns to the stairs but they’re quite practical. This will help keep the stair surface dust free and of course, it reflects your taste too. Imagine how fun the renovation process will be.

Let your creativity run free2

Want to show guests how creative you are? Well, all of these tips will help you do just that. But many of the changes might be permanent and it would take time to change them. What if you want to have something new on those stairs every few days or so? This renovation idea will help you un-box that creativity.

This is where chalkboard paint comes in. Just paint your stair risers with chalkboard paint and write messages or doodle whenever you like. The best part? You can change them every day to reflect your mood. Or you can opt for staircase decals. You might not be able to change them as frequently but at least they give you freedom of speech, even if it’s just inside your house.

Shiny disco ball

Yes the song was good and that is where we got inspiration for this new idea. Stair risers can be made chic by sticking mirrors on them. They won’t only look cool, but will also add that ‘x factor’ to your home design. Just be careful during renovation, as you might need professional help for this one.

Go vintage

All your neighbors have these chic, sleek marble staircases and you just want to step up the game. You can add a vintage vibe to your house and still stay classy. Wooden pallets are in style these days and adding them to your stair case design is bound to make them stand out. Some people have even added makeshift pallet staircases to their lofts. Since this adds an artistic look to your home design, you might get inspired and make a few more small changes around the house.

And for those people who love the ‘Victorian era’, delicate, steel railing staircases can do the job. Here, the focus must be on the railings and the stairs can be simple marble. If you feel like an aristocrat while coming down those stairs, your job is done.

Lights on!

Lights can provide ambiance and make the architectural aspect of your home design stand out. Keep this in mind during renovation and you’ll be able to create the right atmosphere for your house. Lights and staircases can be the perfect combination, if you plan things right. Add lighting along the base of the staircase and this will give a floating effect, emphasizing on the structure of the stair case.3

Whichever stair updating technique you use, it’s important that it adds value to your home design. Just keep the latest trends in mind and let your creativity flow!






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