Kitchens made right! Tips for Kitchen Renovation1

Kitchens are considered the soul of a house and there’s more to them than just cooking. There was a time when small, plain kitchens were considered chic and modern but that time is long gone. Nowadays, kitchens are being incorporated as dining areas and sometimes, even as work spaces.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to have a plan when starting a renovation. Without thorough research, you might end up with a kitchen that does anything but complement your house. The space must be practical and must have efficient storage space too. But before you get started, you should come up with a budget.

Don’t burn a hole in your pocket

People get excited at the thought of kitchen renovations and in this excitement, they may spend more than they can afford. It’s not child’s play and needless to say, the project will require a lot of money, depending on your home design. So be careful and don’t waste money on stuff that doesn’t matter. Set your sights on the important stuff and if the need arises, just splurge on a few items, such as reliable appliances.

Kitchen Functionality

There’s no one way to create a kitchen that can function both as a workspace and a casual space. It all depends on the person’s imagination and creativity. However, a standalone island can facilitate the dual feature. Or a breakfast area that includes a little, living room style seating arrangement will also work fine. One thing that needs to be taken care of is that the design shouldn’t look out of place. It should be consistent with the flow of the remaining interior.

3Kitchen Work Triangle

The basic fundamentals of home design are that the setting must make sense and be practical. Kitchen renovation follows the same rule and that’s why the kitchen work triangle must be kept in mind. It is a simple formula that there should be appropriate distance between the fridge, the stove and the sink.

The main focus of this concept is efficiency. Everything is within reach of the cook without making the kitchen look crammed. The design is also aimed to minimize traffic in the kitchen. This helps the cook work without being interrupted or any interference. Although it’s important to keep the kitchen work triangle in mind, it’s better to let your lifestyle determine the functionality of your kitchen.

Some people emphasize too much on the functionality part which forces them to adapt a lifestyle that reflects the design of their kitchen. You should keep in mind that the triangle is a helpful suggestion, to be implemented only if it suits your home design plans.

Make the place more welcoming

An ideal kitchen is a place where you enjoy working. There should be plenty of natural light all around you. An open window should present a wonderful view, while people enjoy music and the aroma of food. In short, a kitchen should have a plethora of features that make it a combination of a cooking and dining space.

And here are some tips to make that kitchen renovation work for you!

Step up the game with cabinet designs2

Gone are the days when traditional cabinets could make your kitchen look stylish. It’s time to step up the game by changing a few things in the kitchen. Open shelving gives your kitchen the high-end look it deserves. Top designers have incorporated this design in numerous kitchen renovations, which gives a new life to your kitchen.

It’ll work best if you have colorful cookware and dinnerware. This design uses the ‘put it on display’ technique, but be careful not to cram the space. It’s important to let these items breathe in order to give the kitchen a colorful yet airy look.

Let the nature in

Windows in kitchens aren’t just a great source of natural light. They help give the room a spacious look too. Although the window design is based on the interior, architecture or your needs, you can make them blend in with any material you choose for your kitchen renovation. Even a simple, boring window can help you make a bold statement. All it’ll need is a little treatment. Adding fabric in the scene adds a soft touch to the whole room, as well as some privacy and a means to diffuse light.

What better way to let the nature in than by making a kitchen herb garden. Light is the key. You can use containers to grow herbs and get fresh supplies right there in your kitchen. Make sure that the container facilitates proper drainage. But don’t get overzealous in your attempts to grow a garden. Ensure proper and early pruning to get a healthy harvest, and don’t forget to fertilize accordingly.

Rest your feet on comfortable underfoot

The flooring options can have a great impact on the functionality of your kitchen renovation. Hard and non-resilient floor surfaces, such as concrete, ceramic, porcelain tile etc, can take a toll on your joints. That’s why it’s important to go for a flooring option that’s both practical and stylish.

Cork, a popular cushioning floor choice, is an excellent option, which requires regular maintenance. Similarly, linoleum is also an option worth considering. It gives the ultimate soft underfoot with the desired durability. Rubber, laminate, vinyl, wood and bamboo are other safe options. Want something even softer? Place mats and rugs and get those feet some rest.

An exterior space would add the class your kitchen needs. Not every home design comes with a balcony or patio but if you have one, you should make the best of it during renovation. The place will be perfect for an outside dining area. It might not be a part of the kitchen, but think of it as an extension of your kitchen.

During a renovation, a designer would be the perfect person to assist you but these tips are sure to get you moving along. So get to work. Happy renovations!


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