1With summer just round the corner, the only way you can endure this heat is by keeping yourself hydrated. You can unwind and relax in the comforts of your house, while the AC blasts on the lowest temperature. But that’ll just keep you limited to the house.

There’s more than just the sweltering heat in the summers. It’s also a great time to have some quality time with your family. And what best way to spend the summer days than by splashing in the family pool!

Yes, the same pool you used last summer and then forgot that it even existed. The same pool that has been ignored all winter and now sits in ruins, surrounded by debris. Buckle up because summer is back and it’s time to start on swimming pool maintenance.

Any good renovation process teaches you to be patient and wait for the final look. Many people disregard the maintenance of their swimming pool, ignoring its effect on their home design. A dirty and grimy pool is definitely not going to complement your home design. If anything, it’s going to stand out like a sore thumb among all the beautiful renovation projects you’ve worked on.

It’s true that pool maintenance can be a tiring job and that’s why many people neglect it. But if you want to give a new life to your home design, it’s important that you schedule regular pool maintenance.

There are a few ways which can ensure that your pool doesn’t get all dirty and grimy. After all, it’s going to have a negative impact on your home design.

Invest in a Pool Cover

All new pool owners should know that the moment you get a pool, the very next thing that needs to be done is to buy a pool cover. It’s important to keep the pool covered when it’s not in use, especially during a renovation. If you go on prolonged holidays, keeping the pool covered will save you a lot of trouble and cleaning up later on.

Not only does it shield your pool from debris, the pool cover also protects your pool from the harms of the weather. But the best use of a pool cover is for safety. Each year, hundreds of kids and pets die by drowning in their very own pool. With a pool cover, you can help minimize this risk and safeguard your kids and pets. Although it will take a lot of time to set up a pool cover, its benefits are numerous, making it one of the essential pool maintenance and renovation tools.

Use a Skimmer

If your pool remains uncovered during renovation, it’s no surprise that you’ll often find debris floating in the water. The wind plays the biggest role in making your pool dirty and that is why you need a good skimmer. It’s just like a fishing net, only with a longer pole that allows you to fish out any floating debris in your pool. The whole process will take just a few minutes, depending on the size of your pool, and you’ll be able to enjoy the clean and refreshing pool to cool down after a tiring renovation project.

The wind is going to blow in a lot of debris so make sure there is no loose garbage around the pool. If there are trees or bushes near the pool, trim and prune them regularly and be mindful that you bag all the debris after you’re done.

Regularly Maintain the Circulation System2

Due to constant use of the pool, the water is bound to get dirty and that’s where the circulation system comes in. In order to keep the water clean, the pump of the circulation system sends the water to the filter, which removes any dust or debris in the water. You may ask, isn’t that exactly what a skimmer does?

Yes, a skimmer does that but there is a lot of the debris inside the water and on the floor of the pool. Only when the pump sends the water to the filter does it gets cleaned up during renovation.

Clean the Filtration System

The water in your pool can have all sorts of debris and dust that might have either blown in with the wind or been brought in by the swimmers. Want to know how effective your filter is? Just turn off the filtration system for a week and the results will be clear.

Although it’s important to clean the filtration system, cleaning it more than the recommended times can actually hinder the filtration process. You may want to have a spick and span filter but the little particles of dust left in the filter are actually helpful in trapping other debris. A way to identify whether the filter needs cleaning is to see whether there’s an increase in the flow between the flow meter and pressure gauge. During renovation, if the difference amounts to more than 10-15 pounds per square inch, it’s time to clean the filter.

3Maintain pH Level

It’s important to check the pH level of the water regularly, especially during a renovation. This way, you’ll be aware of the water balance and the sanitizer levels of your pool. The easiest way to check these things are with test strips. Maintaining the calcium and pH levels of the water ensures that no corrosion or scaling occurs and provides maximum comfort for the swimmers.

Check the Water Levels

If you have an outdoor pool, your pool will lose a lot of water due to evaporation. Other than that, excessive splashing can also result in decreased levels of water. Why is it important to maintain water level, you ask? Low water levels can damage the pump and this will result in hefty repair costs. You can even use your skimmer to check the water level. If the water is below the level of your skimmer, it’s time to refill.

It’s not difficult to perform all these maintenance tasks. In many cases, you’ll be done within an hour or so. But if you are not sure, you better call in a professional. Have a great summer!





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