1Revamp your House with these Interior Design Tips

Renovation isn’t the hardest part of designing; it’s choosing the right interior that makes people avoid the whole process. Sometimes it’s just too daunting for people to decide these things on their own and they are more comfortable with letting professional designers handle the job. On the most part, it is a smart move but most of the times the process is quiet fun, which people miss out on when they employ designers.

It might be a tedious job to pick out the right colors for every room and decide which curtains will look best, but home design renovation can be quite fun if you are invested in it. After all, that paint in the living room has started peeling, while that rug looks worn out. There can be no better time than this to try your hand at the art called renovation.

There are some well known and established interior design tips that can help you get the desired effect. Want your neighbors to envyingly eye that new addition to the living room? It can easily be achieved, and that too, with minimal cost or effort. You don’t necessarily have to make a great change to create an impressive impact. You can derive change from something as simple as a rug, a mirror or just by adding some lights. It’ll all depend on whether you have an eye for detail or not, and how well you utilize the resources.

Considering that you wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on this renovation, here are some clever home design tips that’ll cost less, require minimal effort but will make your house stand out.

Color palette

Gary McBournie, a designer, reveals that he just comes up with a basic color scheme for the whole house and then takes it from room to room. This might be a good idea for the renovation of your home design. To arrange the color palette for a room, you’ll have to follow the same technique you use to arrange a flower bouquet. As long as you find a way to connect the colors together, you can make the theme work for you.

If you have neutral colors in your house, you can add bits and pieces of colorful items. The variety of material and color will make a nice contrast.

Utilize the optical illusion of mirrors3

The biggest challenge is to choose the right interior design for a small room. Such spaces are bound to seem crammed, no matter how less stuffed it is. There are ways to rectify this. You can get a hammer, knock out some walls and make the room spacious. But all that will cause a mess. An easier and less messy solution is to paint the room in light colors.

Might seem unlikely, but light colors do make a room feel spacious. The same affect can be achieved by adding mirrors to the rooms. Not lots of mirrors; just enough to make the trick work. Some people take it to heart and soon their living room starts looking like a hall of mirrors. It’s better not to go overboard with this. Strategically placing a few mirrors round the room will help you get the desired effect. If the room has large windows and there’s plenty of natural light, then you have a winner.

Mix it up

Who says you can’t fit in old stuff with your more modern interior pieces? If you have good taste, you can make it all work for you. All you have to do is choose styles, patterns and textures that reflect your personality, and incorporate them in your home design.

For decoration, you can use the pieces you already have and make them work for your new home design. Take a look at those boxes in the garage and maybe, you might find something useful. You can just take your old stuff and revamp them for a more stylish alternative. As long as you keep the tone of the room in mind, you can’t go wrong.

In the frenzy to get everything right, window trims are mostly neglected. You can either paint them to blend in with the surroundings or make them stand out by giving them a bold treatment. Bright colored curtains or blinds will help you make a huge statement. Worried about the expense of buying new items for decoration? No need to worry about that. A better alternative is that you invest in a couple of good pieces each year rather than spending too much on renovation at once. If the pieces are of good quality, they will retain their value for a long time, and by the end of 10 years, you’ll have an impressive collection of decoration pieces.

2Go green

An inexpensive way to accessorize your living space is to add plants. Then again, don’t go for the green house effect by filling up a room with too many plants. They should be chosen tastefully and it’s important to place them strategically, where they become the focal point of the room.

Not only are they a good addition to your home design, they also clean your household air. They provide a fresh start by absorbing pollutants and removing harmful gases from the air. So choose a few taste plants that go with the overall theme of your house and add texture and color to your home.

As long as your house looks super classy and stylish, your home design renovation will be the talk of the neighborhood. But do keep in mind that on the conquest of making your house impressive, you don’t forgo your comfort. Whatever design and idea you use, no matter how stylish it is, if it does not provide the comfort level of your liking, it’s not useful. So keep this in mind and go for pieces that are comfortable, casual, and easy, yet provide the sophisticated elegance that you want. So get started and use these tips to get the house of your dreams.






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