All around the world, many people invest in expensive alarms and skilled security guards in order to protect their homes from burglary. Oftentimes, houses even feature alarms and other security measures as part of the home design, but at a high price. Although this is highly useful, especially if you happen to reside in a locality where theft and similar crimes are common, not everyone can afford to purchase luxurious alarms for the purpose of security.

This can be rather upsetting for someone who has fallen victim to thieves and pilfers in the past. When someone breaks into your house with a gun in their hand, with the main purpose of robbing you of your riches and all things that have the slightest value, you are bound to be left with nothing but scars that constantly remind you of how helpless and fearful you felt at the time.

Such scenarios are bound to leave the victims traumatized, such as you and your loved ones. Many people who can’t get over the traumatic event are left with no option but to register themselves for numerous therapy sessions that help them overcome the mark left on them as a result of the incident. However, security doesn’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg.

There are some things that can be done in order to ensure that you and your loved ones are secure and protected, especially during the time that you spend in your own home. Read on to find out the ways through which you can improve your home design to protect yourself from burglars and enemies of your peace.

1. Opt for a Guard Dog


A dog is a man’s best friend and will go the extra mile to ensure the security and protection of their human, regardless of whether the dog has been specially trained to do so or not. Many people forgo the idea of keeping a dog because they think it’ll take too much of their time and effort to train the dog. However, if your peace and security is important to you, there’s no better option than to opt for a dog for protection.

The good part about keeping a dog at the front door is that any burglar plotting against you and your family will think thrice before they actually attempt to rob you. Incorporate intimidating signs such as “Beware of Dog” in your home design to deter burglars. As long as you have a dog that looks intimidating and barks at strangers, you’ve got most of your protection covered.

Rottweiler’s make ideal guard dogs because these breeds are great at following their own instincts naturally. A Rottweiler not only looks fierce, but also has very strong jaws which can cause a person to bleed profusely if bitten, especially when the dog is provoked and aggravated. Spend some hours each day to teach your dog how to react if you or members of your family are attacked by a stranger.

2. Invest in a Safe

Most people invest in safes because they are aware of the importance and convenience of it. Often times, you can even tell your home renovator to incorporate a safe into the home design during the process of renovation. That way, the safe is placed into a wall, and only you will know how to get to it.

Another thing to be noted is the fact that safes are generally small, but they are the ideal size for storing huge sums of money and jewelry. When these two things are kept out of sight, there’s not much of a motive for a burglar to break in and rob your house.

3. Be Good Friends with Thy Neighbors

If you haven’t already, consider improving your relationship with your neighbors. Oftentimes, if your association with your neighbors is poor, you cannot expect them to help you out during your time of need unless they are good people at heart. However, it is human nature to help those that mean something to us and steer clear of any problems faced by those that we do not know in order to ensure our own protection.

During burglaries, even one phone call to the police can be of great help. If you’re going away on a vacation for a long period of time, your neighbors can look out for you and report any suspicious activity. For this reason, it is important to befriend your neighbors. Doing that will not only help you find a friend near your home, but it’ll also create a bond that will cause you both to protect each other when necessary.

4. Never Let Down Your Defense

When thieves and burglars plan to rob a house, the burglary isn’t always as spontaneous as it seems. The burglars plan well in advance to rob a house and oftentimes they are well informed about where the valuable items are kept. Also make sure that when going away, you don’t hand your home keys to acquaintances or anyone that you aren’t very familiar with.

One of the most common things that burglars look for when planning and plotting their next target is what hours of the day the doors of the house are unlocked or whether they are locked at all. Many people might be under the assumption that because they reside in a friendly neighborhood, there’s no specific need to lock the door, but this is how and why burglaries happen so very often.

You should also incorporate a cheap alarm system as part of your home design, as long as the alarm does the basic job of ringing loudly when someone attempts to break into your house. This will help you gather the required attention and the burglar might run away instead of going further into the house to steal your valuables. Most importantly, always ensure that the doors and windows of your home are locked at all times.

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