picture1The appearance of the garden and landscapes plays a very important role in increasing the aesthetic appeal of any home design. Garden weeds are those unwanted plants that can grow in the areas around the cultivated plants and can affect their growth.

The abundance of weed will change your garden’s appearance from what you want it to be, to the bane of your home design’s existence. Therefore, it is necessary to remove those weeds in your routine of garden renovation and for that you will need a weeder, a tool that removes those unwanted plants.

Before picking a weeder for your garden or landscape, there are different important points to keep in mind so that you can get the most suitable weeding tool.

Weed Type

In buying a right weeder, one must keep in mind the type of weed that grows in your garden. Not all types of weeds are the same. Therefore, removing different weeds demands a different process. Different types of soils with different moisture levels and different proportion of nutrients cause growth of different types of weeds. The type of weeds also depends on different seasons; some weed will bloom in summers while others can be found in the winter season.

Some weeds have a thick stem while others consist only of a thin stem with strong deep roots. Cutting roots and stems is not the same thing, and thus one should have a right weeder for the specific weed type.

Area Of The Garden Or Landscape

Another thing that will decide which type of weeder your garden needs and the one you should buy in your next renovation plan is the area on which your garden or house landscape is spread. The large garden area will definitely need a different type of weeder that can maximize the efficiency because large areas will need more time and effort for the weed removal process.

Site Of Weed Growth

Not all weeds grow in the same place. They can grow in garden beds, alongside the pavements and walkways and around the tree and one can’t use the same weeding tool for the weeds that are grown on different sites and it is necessary to remove them from every growth site so that your exterior home design can look perfect.


It is the most important thing before you buy a weeder for your garden or home’s landscape. You should know that whether you will be able to do the task by yourself. The removal of weeding needs physical strength, time on your schedule and adequate expertise to complete the task. Evaluate all those features before buying a weeding tool otherwise you will end up wasting your energy and valuable renovation expenses.

After getting to know the different factors that are important in performing the task of weed removal, there are different types of weeders that you should know so that you can pick the right weeder according to the given condition of your garden.

picture2Long-Handled Weeders

Long-handled weeders are widely used gardening tools that are known for their efficiency. The long handle of these weeders provides an increased moment arm which helps in getting a greater amount of work by spending less amount of force. These types of weeders work well on the cultivated garden bed that has soft soil and they are suitable for gardens and landscapes that have plants cultivated with some distance in between them. Weeds that have shallow roots can easily be uprooted with the help of long-handled weeders.

It should be remembered that long-handled weeders are not suitable for the weeds that grow around the hard surfaces – weeds that need the breaking of garden ground will not be effectively removed by long-handled weeders. Long-handled weeders are easy to use since you can use them without bending your posture and their long handles will consume less energy. If your home landscape or garden has the discussed type of plantation, you should definitely add a long-handled weeder in your renovation shopping list.

Cape Code Weeder

Your home design can look off with some unwanted weeds grown on the side of the pavement that leads to the main door. With the help of cape code weeder, a gardening tool with a wooden grip and sharp blade, you can remove the weeds that are grown on tight spaces. You can get the cape code weeder in different handle sizes and blades.

Garden Cultivator


The most common type of weeding tool is the garden cultivator. It is a tool that possesses three sharp-end prongs with a long handle. If you are doing some basic renovation of your garden, it can help in softening the soil and removing the small weeds that grow in garden beds.

Blade Oscillating Weeders

This weeder possesses a movable blade that moves to and fro when it is moved against the garden bed. Due to this oscillating feature, one can remove the garden weeds with minimal effort.

Fishtail Weeders

If you live in the area whose environment and soil type is suitable for the growth of dandelions weeds, you will need a special type of weeding tool called fishtail weeder. It consists of V-shaped blade that can help in removing the roots of the dandelions that are embedded deeply in the ground.

Specialized Paving Weeders

If you are irritated by the growth of weeds in the narrow gaps between the pavements, you can get a weeder that is specially designed to remove the weeds that grow in those narrow sites. These are knife-like weeders and consist of a bent blade, its small size ensures that you can use them conveniently in the narrow spaces.

With the help of an appropriate weeding tool, you can renovate your garden and landscape with minimal effort to the maximum effect be removing all the unwanted plants from that space.

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