What can be better than quietly sitting on your patio on a bright spring morning while sipping tea? Or enjoying the pitter patter of rain on the roof of your patio, while you cradle a mug of coffee in your hands? Sounds perfect! Just envision these scenarios in your mind and your heart will yearn to enjoy such moments.


Well, you too, can enjoy the weather from the comforts of your patio! All you need is a patio. Actually, you’ll need much more than that, but a patio is a basic requirement. Some people might currently have the luxury of a lavish patio but the rest need not worry.

An ideal patio should be big enough for outdoor entertaining, though the need for it to be relaxing, always comes first. If you currently have one, you can just replace your old deck and add doorways for the indoor-outdoor transition. Or you can pave off a portion of your lawn and then convert it into a patio. There are a lot of options. You only have to be willing to make the effort.

You can read below about some easy and classic patio designs that will give new life to your house. And all you need to do is invest some money and effort into it.

We’ll start off with some patio ideas that can cater to the needs of people who have to remodel within a budget. Your lawn is an excellent place for a new patio, one that is lovely but also inexpensive.

a.       Create an enclosure

It may sound weird but you won’t regret doing this. This’ll get you a little bit of privacy and you can boast of your own secret place to relax. All you have to do is make a lounge area with wooden planks. It may take a little bit more time and effort but the end result is worth all the trouble.

Old fence posts will do the job beautifully. The area will look rustic and classic if you use stained wood. You’ll be recycling old wood and playing your part in helping the environment.

b.       Make an Overhead Covering

You’ll need tarp for that or you can use plastic sheets. Just make sure you cover up the whole enclosure. Even if it doesn’t rain where you live, make a covering for your patio. Dew can also damage all your stuff. Again, choose plastic sheets that complement the surroundings. Or just use a fabric canopy. They’re easy to handle and you can get a good deal at a store in your area.

c.        Arrange the Sitting Area

new-life-to-paino2Bring out the biggest and most comfortable chairs or sofas from your house. It doesn’t matter if they are old, you can lay shrugs on them for a typical homely feel. Just make sure they are super comfortable. Arrange as many as you want, without clustering the area though. The patio shouldn’t look like a store room after you’re done. Some extra chairs will come in handy when you’re entertaining guests.

Add a table to the mix. Any old table will do as long as it adds to the whole style. It’s better if you add a table that is sturdy. Even add foot stools if you feel like it. Make the place as comfortable as you can. You can also use an easy to clean rug and add color to your patio.

d.       Plant funky colored flowers

The brighter they are the better. It’ll add extra color to your surrounding and of course, it’ll all look beautiful when you’re done. Geraniums, petunias and euphorbia are some of the flowers you can use. Don’t overdo it or your patio will get a clustered look. Go for a more simple and sophisticated look.

e.       Add Lights

You can add table lamps or hanging lamps, whatever suits your style. Lanterns will look good too. To add more elegance to your patio, use several electric candles. They will look smashing at night and the soft light will make the whole place glow.

If you follow all these steps, you will be reading this while enjoying your new, ‘on a limited budget’ patio. Although it’ll look beautiful and quite tasteful, here are other patio ideas for a more contemporary and stylish look.

f.  Monochromatic Palette

A tasteful combination of black and white outdoor décor ranks top on the list. The essential pieces should be in varying shades of black, gray and white, for a more polished look.

g.  Color Wheel

Add all the colors you want to, without making it all look like a mess. Go for bright and bold colors. Accessorize the patio with vibrant colored cushions, chairs and rugs. The eye-popping colors are sure to give new life to your patio.

h.  Country Style

Go for wooden chairs, wooden tables, wooden everything. With this simple trick, you’ll get a feeling of country life that’ll be hard to shake off. Set comfortable tables and chairs and plain cushion. Add a few flowers nearby and the look is complete.

i.  Reading Nook

A couch surrounded by flowers and the sun shining brightly, sounds perfect. Make your own reading nook on the patio. Just make sure there’s enough shade around. You wouldn’t want to get sunburned.

j.  Go Metal

Set up metal chairs and table on the patio and that’s it. You can add colorful cushions if you want but the decoration will look perfect, even on its own. Just make sure the material is weather resistant or you’ll have another expense at your hands.


k.  Fire Show

You definitely need to have a fire pit. You can easily make one by yourself or buy one for a sleeker look. Design your fire pit keeping in mind the furniture you’ve used on the patio. Safety first people, this goes without saying. Be extremely cautious when handling the fire pit.

Take inspiration from these great patio ideas, roll up your sleeves and get down to work. And with proper investment and effort, you’ll have a praiseworthy patio to show off. Good luck!




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