We all know the importance of furniture and therefore we are very conscious in picking furniture items for our lounges, drawing rooms, bedrooms and studies. We make sure that furniture in the house goes well with the aesthetics of our home design. Many of those furniture items that have lost their appeal and usability get replaced in renovation plans.

On the other hand, the furniture for outdoor space like patios, gardens and backyards that are very integral to the exterior home design get ignored. Many times, people fill those outdoor spaces with the furniture that becomes outdated for the interior. Their routine renovations also don’t include any plan for the outdoor furniture.

Investing some renovation budget in outdoor furniture is important because a good quality and visually appealing outdoor furniture is as important as indoor furniture for the outlook of home design. The following are some of the many points that can make your outdoor furniture buying easy, economical and rewarding.

picture0Choosing The Right Colors

Outdoor furniture is also part of the home design and one should keep in mind the color palettes that has been used for the interior of the house when buying furniture for patios and the outdoor spaces of the house. Don’t limit your choice to the dull wickers. Colors such as red, yellow or magenta can make your outdoor space more animated in the presence of sunlight.

If your outdoor space is decked with greenery, you can choose the Umbrellas and sun shields of the same color to add more green effect. Dark brown chairs and tables made good match with the greenery around. You can make some unconventional choices if you are doing a seasonal renovation but if you want to have the same color theme throughout the year, white and shades of brown go well with all the seasons.

If you have a small renovation budget and don’t want to spend much on new furniture, buy some small accent pieces and cushion covers of your choice. These small changes, if implemented properly, can change the outlook of your outdoor space and home design to significant levels.

Make Right Proportions

Whenever we buy furniture for our dining area or bedroom, with other factors, we also consider the size of the furniture to be very important and try to get those sizes that are well proportionate with the space they are intended to be placed. If your outdoor space or patio is getting a renovation and you want to buy some new furniture accessories, make sure that you buy furniture with the same rules you buy your in-house furniture.

Make sure that you are not going to make your patio or backyard less spacious with an oversized dining table. Don’t waste your money on those furniture items that can make your outdoor space look empty. If there are lot of plants and greenery in your outdoor space, place the furniture in a way that it doesn’t overpower the beauty of nature.

picture2Choosing The Right Material

Outdoor furniture is exposed to external environment; therefore, it is necessary to choose the furniture made of right material so that it can last for a long time and make your investment worth it. If you are going for wooden furniture for your outside, then rattan and solid timber are good options. Metallic and high quality plastic materials which are molded in brawny structures are also suitable for the outside.

If the area you are living in is vulnerable to adverse weather conditions, make sure to buy the furniture accordingly. If your area receives frequent rains and your outside space is not covered at all, go with plastic furniture or the metallic one that has a good varnish on it. If the sun shines throughout the year in your city, go with wooden furniture that can survive in such conditions.

Don’t Ignore The Ground

To garnish your home design to perfection, don’t overlook the flooring of your outdoor space. You can increase the aesthetic appeal of this area by adding some attractive rugs to the floor. Wooden flooring can also add character to your outdoor space.


We often see that houses with very impressive exterior home design have outdoor furniture that looks a bit off and does not complement the home design – the reason being that the decorator made compromises on the quality of outdoor furniture. The color of low quality furniture wears off quickly especially when it is constantly exposed to sunlight. Wickers, plastic and wooden furniture items that are not made of quality materials become brittle very rapidly. Therefore, always go for quality furniture so that you don’t have to spend on your outdoor furniture every time you plan a home renovation.

picture1Buy Furniture That Is Easy To Move

Lounge chairs and sofas placed in the outdoor spaces are needed to move according to the movement of the sun. What is the point of having immobile and heavy outdoor furniture that it is taxing to move it according to one’s desire and need? If you are buying chairs for your spacious garden or patio, make sure to get ones that can be moved across easily.

Buy Multi-Purpose Furniture

Getting those furniture items that can be used in different instances can make your life easier. You can avoid the extra burden on your renovation budget by getting multi-purpose furniture. For instance, ottomans are one of those furniture items that can serve many purposes. You can use them for extra seating in case you are having an outdoor party in your house, it can transform into a temporary dining table as well. Buy tables and chairs that can also be used in the interior setting of the house by picking those that can match the interior and exterior home design.

By considering all those tips, you can get the outdoor furniture for your house that can suit will with your renovation plan and home design without becoming a burden on your wallet.




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