In the race to get the perfect home design, we sometimes take on more than we can handle. That includes all the


clutter that we gather over the years. Take a look around your room and try to figure how many of the things you see are actually needed. That vase has been on the mantelpiece for years and might stay there until the day it breaks accidently. That’s just one clutter that you can avoid.

Many things in homes are there because of sentimental reasons. You simple couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of them during renovation. That table was grandma’s favorite centerpiece and you feel attached to it. But what is all this clutter doing to you? It might take forever to get through the whole cleaning process. Dusting and sweeping might take up almost whole of your day just because you don’t want to part with a few pieces. Who knew a little clutter can accumulate so much mess?

This is the reason people are adopting the minimalist lifestyle. The idea behind this philosophy is simple. Keep your life simple and problem free by owning as less stuff as you can. You should own just enough stuff to live comfortably. And during the past year, many people have reverted back to the idea of de-cluttering their house.

And why not? The idea is really liberating. Once you give up on trying to own everything, you can relax and concentrate on what really matters in life, people. Are you looking for some renovation ideas? Want to go minimalistic? For a clutter-free life, who wouldn’t?

Here are a few guidelines that‘ll help you achieve the lifestyle you’re on the lookout for.

Start small

Taking on the renovation of the whole house at the same time will do anything but get you the ideal home you’re looking for. It’ll all just end up being a mess and you’ll just have more clutter at your hands. That’s why it’s advisable to start small. Take on one room at a time. Concentrate on making the best home design out of the least number of things. It might be challenging but if you intently focus on one room at a time, you will eventually achieve your dream of a minimalist home.

Keep a few artful pieces of furniture

You don’t need that armchair if it doesn’t serve a purpose. And there’s no need for all those stables in the same room. If necessary, one centerpiece would be enough for a room. The idea is to keep only the things that are necessary. That footstool might seem necessary to you but when you have three more, the extras have to go. Keep it simple and keep the pieces that look tasteful and reflect your individuality. This will give a personal touch to your home.

2Keep the floors clear

Yes, clear away all the clutter that adorns the floors. That pile of cushions by the bookshelf has to go. The stack of old magazines is doing nothing more than gathering dust. Clear it away. Simply, strip the room of everything that doesn’t serve any purpose. A few pieces of furniture are the only things that can remain. A rug can also be included to make the room more comfortable. As long as you keep the total things in the room to a minimum, you can get a minimalist home.

Clutter-free surfaces

Kitchen counters, table tops, all have to be cleared of all the clutter. All flat surfaces must be kept clutter free. Instead of crowding them with decoration pieces, go for a simple art piece that looks good and adds to the overall theme of your home design. You can either throw them away or donate them. Storing them is also an option, if you have an out of sight storage.


The walls will need the same treatment. Except for a few tasteful pieces, all walls should be bare. If it looks too boring, you can use colorful but simple artwork.

Ample storage space

This is where you realize that a storage room is necessary, if you don’t want to throw away all of your things. Some people want to de-clutter their storage spaces too. It’s all up to you. As long as it’s out of sight, your minimalist house renovation is complete. But if you want to take it one step further, go through all the junk in the storage room and de-clutter your life.

Try going minimalistic this time you decide to change your home design. It doesn’t require much effort but has a lot of benefits.

  • Less costly: When you don’t buy every other scented candle that you see at the mall, you are definitely going to save money.
  • Less stressful: Without all the clutter around to distract you, you can lead a stress free life. And anyways, a minimalist home is calming.3
  • Less cleaning: When you don’t have rugs and chairs and lots of side tables, you don’t have to spend hours trying to get everything spick and span.
  • More relaxing: An almost empty and clutter free house is refreshing. It doesn’t feel crammed and you get to enjoy open, airy spacious rooms. Minimalist renovation can help you achieve that.
  • Environment Friendly: Nowadays, people are considered about the environment and the planet. And it seems that a minimalist lifestyle might be the answer. The less we consume, the less are the chances of us damaging the environment.
  • Save time: The more possessions we own, the more time we spend, either cleaning them or taking care of them. With fewer things to look after, you’ll find a slot of free time on your hand which you can use to show productivity in things that actually matter.
  • Setting an example: Being a part of society, we have some responsibilities, one of which is to lead by example. When we de-clutter our lives and create a refreshing lifestyle, we are teaching our children to not run after materialistic wants. These valuable things are something they won’t learn through the media.
  • Pleasing to the eye: A cluttered home looks crammed as compared to a minimalist home that has been decorated tastefully. The things may be fewer but as long as they refresh you and look appealing, you’re good to go.


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