Looking around for ideas to renovate your home or for setting up your new space? What are the latest home renovation and style trends in vogue? What will make your home look completely out of class, yet still be comfy and warm? We have a lot of home design and home renovation ideas with us, all of which have been inspired from IKEA. Think this would incur too many costs? Not really, most of them are quite affordable. So let’s take a look at how you can decorate your living space for that exclusive look.

The bedroom – Where you start and end your dayikea_404737759

Here’s to a comfortable, warm and clutter-free bedroom!

Think of a theme

What’s your favorite theme? No, you don’t have to go back in your childhood days and choose something related to Ben 10 or Barbie. But you can still come up with an adult theme, and accordingly do bedroom decors. For instance, you could have everything in blue, or maybe you could go vintage.

How much pillows should be on your bed?

So that your bed still looks inviting, yet you don’t have to waste 10 minutes in making it every morning. The answer depends on your bed size, but anything between two and six ix usually good.

Because you need a place to sit

Other than the bed, of course. So make sure to place some chairs, couch, settee, or even just bean bags if you have a limited space. You’d always resort to the spot for reading books, putting on your shoes or for having conversations with your partner.

Some photos

But not of your loved ones, so there are no emotions, making it easier to fall asleep.  Calm, elegant, picturesque scenes on the walls or even some kind of abstract art works best to give an aesthetic edge to your room.

Place a rug by the bed

So that the first thing you step onto every morning is soft and warm, instead of the cold and hard floor.

Maybe an open wardrobe?

This is definitely not for everyone, but it can sure give your bedroom a bigger look.  Place a tall, open wardrobe in one of the corners. Although you will have to make an effort to keep it well-kempt, but it will give you more space, make it easy to decide an outfit and can be used as a dresser as well.

ikea_4047372082The bathroom – Wash, brush and bathe

Is your bathroom slab always cluttered? Or do you want to add some fresh style? Here’s to a better and definitely more organized bathroom.

Double the rods

Got too much stuff to hang and less space to make use of? Install another shower rod with S-shaped hooks, and you’ll get more space for your towels, gym wear and sleep suits.

Make use of the door

If two rods are not enough, fix some hooks at the back of the door for your towels and robes.

Do something to the wall

Got bare walls on all four sides of the bathroom? Install some cabinets that feature adjustable shelving for your toiletries. You can even put some plants or decoration pieces on the shelves for a personal touch.

Space for cleaning supplies

If you don’t have any kids, you can store your cleaning supplies in the space below the sink. However, you have to keep them in water resistant plastic bottles.

I want a bigger look

Use white throughout: white walls, white tiles, white mats and white towels. Place some mirrors on the wall. Streamline the look by opting for closed storage to hide away all the colored toiletries.

Soften the look

Generally, a bathroom features sharp lines and hard tiles. Give it a soft and warm appearance with textiles. Hang a curtain, place a wicker basket, and spread out a mat.

The Wardrobe – Let’s dress up

Is your wardrobe too messy and cluttered that it takes you ages to find the shirt or belt which you want?  Act on what we suggest and make it more organized.

Set your favorites apart

Your favorite clothes are probably the ones you wear the most, so hang them together in one designated space.

Keep the colors together

Ever heard of a color coded wardrobe? Let’s have one. Keep all clothes of the same color together. The different blocks of shades add a great look, and make everything easier to find.

A place for untangled necklaces

Hang your necklaces on coat hooks so that they don’t get tangled. You can use the same hooks for your hats as well.

The Living Room – Family room, den or lounge, whatever you want to call it

A refreshed living room does wonders when you step into the home, after a long, tiring day.ikea_4047374470

For a springy look

Keep some pots on the shelves and center tables. Put pictures of plants and flowers on the floor, add a cushion or two on the sofa that features seasonal colors.

Let’s reshuffle

Move the sofa to a new place. Replace curtains with a sheer, light material that lets sunlight in. Keep lots of pots on the windows, and paint them in some attractive, spring colors.

Bright sofas, brighter walls

Get sofas of bright color like red and turquoise. And paint the walls in brighter tones. A navy-coloured wall looks incredible if the doors, window frames and fireplace are all white.

A natural texture

Add a touch of nature here and there, with a pine cabinet, a wicker basket or a wooden framed mirror.

Your own art gallery

Dramatize the look by displaying a grid of several small frames on the wall

The Kitchen – Time to cook a meal

Let’s give your kitchen a new, updated look.

Free up counter space

Fix some rails onto the oven or walls for your utensils, washed dishes, apron and spare cloth.

Increase storage

Install some open cabinets on the side wall for small containers and recipe books. You can also get a movable trolley for some worktop space.

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