What’s the first thing that comes to your mind at the mention of “stairs”? That’s right – climbing up and down. But what if there was a way that can make your stairs more than that? If your mind is wandering on the same question, you have arrived on the right page.

Stairs, as we know it, are a common part of a house. These stairs can be as plain as ever, or they can be made to look so beautiful that no one can resist taking a climb –choice is yours! Most people prefer an old fashioned style of stairs – be it spiral, linear or curved. That staircase would consist of stairs and the railing.

With the number of times a homeowner climbs stairs on average and also considering their visibility in the house, we suggest that you give a good look on the design and beauty of the staircase.

Imagine having a home design that is sumptuous and furniture that is gorgeous and yet, stairs that are basic and boring. If you are in that situation, you must decide to get a renovation as soon as possible. Beautiful looking stairs can add to the overall beauty of your house and we certainly don’t want you to leave any stone unturned to enhance your already beautiful home.

Here, we are sharing some of the ways in which you can give style to your staircase.

Stencils are the savior!

A great way to give meaning to your plain stairs is adding stencils on it. Start by giving a different shade of the same color to each stair and then add stencils to add to the beauty. Stencils are basically appealing patterns that will give your stairs a textured and attractive look. By using stencils, you can enhance the look of even the plainest looking stairs. Contact a home design company and look for the best stencils available. If the patterns compliment your home design and furniture, that’s even better.

Wallpapers? Use them!

People usually use the trick of pasting wallpaper on anything that is broken or needs covering. Since wallpapers are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home design, we don’t want them to get a bad name. You can stick wallpaper on each of the stairs. Of course, the same wallpaper on each stair. Another advantage of using wallpaper is that it can be peeled off, which means you don’t have to be stuck with the same pattern forever.

Stripes So Stylish!

Stripes are a way to tell the world you are sophisticated and remember to keep everything in style – even your stairs. There is no way you are ever going wrong if you opt for stripes to give your stairs a crisp, clean look. The best way is to have the stairway of a single color, mainly white, and then paint the stripes in the centre with an elegant color.

Horizontal stripes are fine but vertical stripes really say the stairs lead to something even more beautiful. But you must not go overboard. Stripes are classic – let them be.

Classic black & white works always!

Go with the classic black and white combo for your stairs. Paint adjacent sides with colors black and white. If your home design has a black and white theme anywhere else too, this will work as magic. However, you don’t have to go for this specific combo. Use a color palette of your own choice that looks great to you and adds to the ambiance of your home.

Want to go with a single color? You have our blessing!

There are a lot of people who are saturation lovers and we totally get them. One great way to enhance the beauty of not only the staircase but also the area around it is by painting it all with a singular color. It works great if the color is somewhat dark. Increase the hue on the stairs and the walls around it, put on the picture frames of contrasting colors on the walls and there you have your own piece of heaven.

Fabric for Fun!

If you have had a recent renovation in your house, you probably have fabrics applied to some place. Fabrics are an easy and great way to enhance the look of your stairs. They are cool and breezy looking. Use paint and fabrics on the stairs to ensure an attractive look. Fabrics work best on a retro staircase. If you are not satisfied with your stair design, why not look for some renovation?

Animal prints? Hell yeah!

Be a little bold and audacious by painting your stairs in an animal print. This will show that you are experimental and not afraid of reflecting your lifestyle in your home design. A classic zebra cut will work magnificently if you have white walls around the staircase.

Why leave the Washi Tape behind?

Washi tapes are great in adding design, style and color to almost anything. Be creative with the way you use them on stairs. You can create a waterfall kind of look with the adhesive and colorful tapes. If you think about it, you can use washi tapes in so many ways to enhance the beauty of your home design.

Do not forget the railing!

When you go about styling your stairs, you obviously have to take into account the railing as well. For railing alone, there are some great ways to get them decorated. A home design company will set you up with the most creative and stylish designs of the railings. One such example is the railing in shape of a solid, heavy rope.

There are so many other ways too that can give life to your basic staircase. Do not be afraid of experimenting with the home design and, if it requires a little bit of renovation, go for it. A well designed and thoughtful staircase can do wonders in boosting the style of your whole house. If you go with any of the ideas mentioned above, you will be having a staircase that is full of personality, style and allure.

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