1When you celebrate a day to pay homage to the life of a Queen, it surely is supposed to be a grand festival. And with March 22 just around the corner, it’s no surprise that people have started preparing for the big day. Why should you be left behind?

But what is all the rush about?

Victoria Day is celebrated to honor the birth and long reign of the British Monarch, Queen Victoria. For years, she held the record for being the longest reigning monarch; a record that was broken by Queen Elizabeth II in 2015. The long holiday also marks the unofficial start of summer, which means that it’s time to start on some renovation projects.

Why renovations in the summer? Wouldn’t the sweltering heat be enough to make you want to abandon the work? The heat will have you begging for a cold glass of lemonade and yet you want to spend the time toiling out in the sun. Well, there are reasons to this contradictory idea.

Here are some of them;

  • Most people are on vacations and any renovations will conflict with their schedules.
  • Since kids are out of school, parents think it’ll be a dangerous idea to schedule any renovation.
  • Others opt to start renovations in fall. This way, they are able to beat the winters and save money on expensive renovations during the holiday season.
  • Since most people don’t avail their services, you can easily get less expensive labor and strike a better deal with contractors.

These are quite lucrative reasons to schedule all your renovation projects in summer. With a reduced renovation bill and a chance to enhance your home design, Victoria Day is the perfect holiday to start some new renovation projects.

Here is a list of some easy and smart renovation ideas to highlight your home design.

Ø  Pool

Yes, the summers would have you wishing you could dip into a pool and splash away the summer blues. This Victoria Day, you can start on a renovation project that will add new life to your summers.

Although warmer temperature is needed to properly install the elements of a pool, you can get done with the basic stuff during the summer. The first step of this renovation is to dig up the whole area where you intend to build the pool.

Though the work is extensive, you can easily get less expensive labor, which will make the work easy enough. You can save some serious money on this project if there is someone else in your neighborhood who wants a pool too.

Any contractor would be happy to take on this renovation project if they get more work nearby. The reason being that a pool is built in stages and will cost you less if the contractor is simultaneously working on more projects nearby.

And now that you’ll have a pool, a deck should be the next addition to your home design.

Ø  Landscaping2

Having an impressive garden and landscaping can do wonders for your home design. So, avail this Victoria Day holiday, take out your tools and get to work. There are a million landscaping designs you can get inspiration from, but what you need to keep your mind on is a look that complements your home design.

Invest in plants that won’t just last this summer, get a bunch of evergreens and all the year round flowers. Likewise, native plants won’t require much fertilizers or water and would give an authenticity to your home design. A good sprinkler system should also be installed, an automatic one preferably.

For landscaping, it’s important to know the type of soil you have. A soil test would suffice and you would be able to move on with your renovation project. Adding the right plants is important because they can attract the right kind of animals and birds, which will definitely add something new to your garden.

Be creative and create diversity by planting different plants and flowers. But since it’s your renovation project, go with something that suits your style and your home design.

Ø  Driveway

The next renovation on our list is the driveway. Asphalt driveways tend to crack over time and the grass can quickly invade these cracks. Summer is the right time to get this renovation done and get yourself a new driveway. And the arrival of summer means that you can easily avoid problems on driveway renovation.

Why, you ask? High temperatures are required to create a smooth surface and to prevent the material from hardening. So this Victoria Day, get your work clothes on, fasten on your safety gear and let’s get down to some renovations.

Still not satisfied? Let’s move on to some bigger renovation projects! After all, you have the whole summer ahead to complete them and accentuate your home design.

Ø  Kitchen Renovation

This is one of the biggest renovation projects you can take on this summer. But remember that if you go for a remodeling, you might have to gut your kitchen; a step that will have you eating out every day. The best time to look for appliances and other material is in January or February. The retailers are looking to sell out the merchandise left over from Christmas and you would be able to get some really good material for cheap prices.

3Still not big enough? Why not go for a home extension?

You can get a room added or even a floor, during summers. How summer will help? Well, there are less chances of exposure and the work can be completed much quicker than it would be in winters. The start of the summer is the perfect time to apply for permits and to order the material. Once you get the green light, you’re good to go.

So make this Victoria Day all about your home design and its renovation. Enjoy the holiday and festivities!






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