In home design, the use of carpets for the flooring is relatively common and a lot of people still prefer carpeted floorings to other options. Often times, people choose to get their floors carpeted simply because it gives a nice look to the whole place and although it is not as easy to clean, a simple vacuum machine is all that is needed unless you get some really bad stains on it.

%e5%9b%be%e7%89%87-2Although, in recent years the use of wooden or plywood floorings have gained popularity, carpeted floorings still have a wide array of benefits and are still quite popular. Many people who want to change the existing look of their rooms or house and don’t want to go through the process of renovation, choose to get the style of their floors changed instead.

There are countless benefits to getting your floors carpeted, the main one being that you can play around with a lot of different colors and match it to the rest of your interior without having to worry about the way that it will look. However, there are a lot of different materials and textures of carpet and choosing the right one for your space can be quite a challenge.

Many people favor carpeted flooring for their homes over wooden or any other kind because it’s easier to walk on without shoes. Carpets are used in offices, churches, mosques, cafes, diners, etc., and are quite popular as long as the home design is correct and the color of the carpet matches the rest of the interior. If you, too, want to avoid the lengthy and hectic procedure of renovation, and want a great home design idea, then carpeting your existing flooring might be the best idea for you.

Pros of Carpet Floorings

The main reason why carpet floorings are favored is because the texture is soft and feels exceptional beneath bare feet. This is why most people choose to get the rooms of their children carpeted, as well as living rooms and other rooms to give a soothing sense of relaxation and comfort.

Carpets are also great for regions where the climate is mostly cold, due to the fact that carpets stay warm throughout. Carpets are also a lot less expensive in comparison to hardwood or plywood flooring, and although it requires more maintenance, it still is rather durable if taken care of properly.

Types of Carpets

Moreover, if you want to get your home carpeted but are unsure about the different kinds of materials and need help in choosing the perfect one, read on to find out which one would be the best one for you.


Nylon carpets are a formulation of synthetic carpet fibers from petroleum. Although, when nylon was first founded, it was not a popular option due to the fact that it was easy to stain and when it did stain, it was rather bad. However, thanks to the work of chemists who spent a decade trying to make nylon fiber better and durable, and stain-resistant, nylon carpets are now one of the most popular options.

Nylon carpets are available in today’s market in a wide of variety of colors and styles, and are quite sought after due to its resilience. Nylon carpets are also rather easy to clean due to the low levels of static that they maintain. They are suitable for any room in any building.


In the past few years, the popularity of Triexa carpets has soared due to the fact that these fibers do not fade easily. They are also stain resistant and although it is priced lower than nylon carpets, it is just as resilient and durable. There are many different styles and colors available in Triexa carpets. However, the only drawback of these fibers is that in the case of oil spills, the stains can be rather stubborn and difficult to get rid of.


Wool, used in wall to wall carpeting as well as carpet floorings, is one of the most popular types of carpets that are available on the market today. Wool carpets give a very nice feeling of luxury and ultimate softness combined due to the material that is used to create it. Although a wool carpet is the most expensive option among all the other options, it is still the best one if you can afford it.

Cleaning simple things like dust of wool carpets is easy, although it efficiently hides dirt as well and it is hypo-allergenic as well. However, the only drawback of a wool carpet, other than its high cost, is the fact that it stains relatively easily, and these stains are not easy to get rid of. Maintaining wool carpets is rather difficult, which is one of the reasons why retailers choose not to show you the sample when you first go. However, there are a lot of different versions including nylon, which gives you the impression of wool but of course, not the real thing.


Another type of carpet is polyester, which is popular due to the fact that the polyester used to create the carpet is made of recycled bottles. The fiber is made through a process called solution dying, making it exceptionally colorfast even during the daytime. The cost of polyester carpets is a lot lower than the cost of other carpets, including nylon, but it is rather stain resistant and the static is non-existent.

However, polyester fiber carpets are prone to start showing furniture marks early on and cannot be counted on for long periods of time. It also starts to lose its resilience if damaged, and will need to be replaced entirely in those circumstances.


Moreover, many people might even choose to use large rugs instead of carpets due to the fact that they wouldn’t have to deal with the cost of maintenance that most carpets require. Rugs are largely in fashion and some people even tend to use them on top of carpets. If all else fails, you can do the same to improve your home design.

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