prepare-your-property-for-sale-to-get-a-good-offerWhether you are moving interstate or just shifting to some other neighborhood, selling your existing house before buying the new one has always been a very hectic task. Many people are nervous just because they are worried about getting the best purchase offer for their current house. No matter in which circumstances you are selling your house, the home design and renovation will always be very vital in setting the price. There are certain things you can do to your home before putting it on MLS.

Start from the outside

Any buyer who will be interested in your property will be welcomed with the exterior home design this first impression might become the major reason whether the deal reached its finality or not. Because it can go either way, an untidy look with worn out paint, cracked windows and bad balconies can repel the potential buyer while the same house with complete renovation of exterior home design where all small thing are immaculately taken care of can make the whole appearance of your house so pleasant and fresh that the buyer may proceed to seal the deal.

Clutters are a turn off

People get used to the clutter of their own house but for seller this is not something to ignore. With piles of unwanted and untidy items, your home design can look unattractive and can make your home’s internal space more congested. Clutters can also offset the positive vibes of recent renovations as well. So try to steer clear the corridors and the living room from items which are lying down there for so long that you are just oblivious of their existence.

Remove unpleasant odors

Many times, inside a house, there lingers a peculiar odor which is formed due to various reasons. Maybe the carpeting of your house needs a dry clean or your pets are making a mess inside the house, but whatever it is, it needs to be taken care of. Any person who is interested in your house will be greeted with that odor and this unpleasant mixture of various smells can sub consciously affect their decision. A house with good home design but with a bad odor does not sound good. A fresh coat of paint in your house renovation can also make those smells go away.

Fix the noises in your house

We are talking about noises that are made by non living thing in your house like doors, windows etc. With time the squeaking of doors and windows get louder and louder due to more friction in their hinges and joints and louder squeaking can make an impression on the buyer that the doors and windows need replacement. But these unwanted sounds can go away with little effort of faux renovation by doing the lubrication of the joints and hinges of the house. Wooden floors can also be squeaky due to the gap between joist and flooring and it can irritate the buyer so try to make sure that the renovation prior to the selling of house also takes care of those floor noises. Also try to make sure that the normal home appliances which generate more decibels such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners are not running when a buyer is visiting your house.

Interior color theme

If you are going to sell your house and have a one final full scale renovation before that then try to chose the color them which can make your house’s interior look bigger. Home design with light colors can make the interior look more spacious and buyers will always be more interested in houses with this outlook.

Touch up your furniture

prepare-your-property-for-sale-to-get-a-good-offer2Even though you are not selling your furniture with the house but it is the part of home design and the better the home design looks, more rapid the process of your house selling will be. That is why it is better to give your house furniture some renovation touch ups with new slipcovers. Placement of furniture in your house also makes it very significant for home design because the same furniture can look good in one place while it can feel redundant if moved to some other place.

Check the plumbing system

While maintaining the interior of house, it is also very important to check the utility systems such as plumbing of your house before selling it. If there are leakages and faulty faucets, include their servicing in your house renovation plan.

Integrate nature


While making your home interior look exemplary, you can incorporate nature into it as well bring in some small beautiful potted plants in a corner and water plants hanging on the wall can freshen up the whole look of the home design.

Organized cupboards and storerooms

These are the places which can reveal the nature of the person selling a house. Untidy and messed up storerooms can give a negative impression on the buyer. With little effort you can make those places orderly and clean.

Highlight unique features

Every house has some unique feature which can add weight to the selling pitch of your house. So try to find a one. For instance, if your house balcony is opening to a scenic view then make sure that the buyer notices it by themselves. Also renovate it with small aesthetic details so that it can become the highlight of your home design.

Kitchen is important

This is very important part of the house and home design so make sure that it looks tidy and clean prior to the buyer’s visit. Replace kitchen’s lighting fixture with more illuminated bulbs as more light means your kitchen will look roomier. Also spray your kitchen with insecticides prior to the buyer’s visit to make sure that cockroaches won’t be welcoming the buyer.

Don’t overdo itprepare-your-property-for-sale-to-get-a-good-offer3

One last point in preparing your house for sale is not to go overboard with the renovation and beautification of your house to the extent that it starts to look like artificial.

Timely renovations are necessary to keeping up the usability of house and when a house is on sale then it becomes very important to highlight this usability.


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