furnitureshop_404740355So, you are on the search for some new furniture for your house. You want to buy the highest quality that there is without overstraining your finances. How do you go about this? Where can you find the best furniture pieces in Toronto and that too at affordable prices?

If you are located in Toronto or in close vicinity, then head down to some of these furniture shops. You’ll love the collection that you come across, and will have such a hard  but fun time in choosing them for your home. We’ll first take you through our top picks, and then give you some quick tips on furniture shopping.


Looking around for some local designs and easy to customize products?  This is the place! Spanning an area of nearly 8400 square feet, Stylegarage offers a wide, extremely wide, array of sleek and classy dining sets, sofas, tables and exclusive pieces. There is so much variety in terms of shape, texture, materials and tones; you’ll be quite impressed.

Elte Market

If you want some high-end furniture or maybe even lighting fixtures or rugs, then Elte Market is for you. Featuring urban and sophisticated designs, this Toronto furniture shop will definitely have something for you, especially if you want some high impact and showy products!


Got a taste for Scandinavian or Japanese aesthetics? How about combining the two? This is what Mjolk does, and does it quite beautifully, resulting in some exotic and intricately beautiful furniture and decoration pieces. Put this on your list of to–visit Toronto furniture shops, and you’ll have a great time, exploring their range.

Shelter Furniture

Are you too conscious about matching products? If yes, Shelter Furniture will sure have a treat for you! A brightly lit and warm place, this shop has an ultra modern furniture collection on offer. And you can buy everything in matching sets if you like the very same tones and patterns all over the room.

Klaus by Nienkamper

The sleekness and shine is such an inspiration for us, and will be for you too. The moment you step, you’ll notice the gloss all over, giving all the pieces such a refined look. And when light bounces off the surface, the products look so exclusive. You are sure to buy one of these.

Avenue Road

A store that spans over three storeys, each of which is covered in some of the best pieces in the entire Toronto furniture market. Most of the products are on the high end, so you might find them a little expensive, but we don’t think you’d mind spending a bit more money here. We loved their collection, and so would you.


A super cool collection of modern furniture, featuring tables, sofas, accessories and even art pieces. The designs are rooted in the mid-century era, yet still have an urban look about them.

And by the way, don’t miss out on their clearance section under any circumstances, it is A – double plus!

CB2 Toronto

If you want some chic furniture, suitable for a condo, this is where you should go. Comprising of two storeys, this store is a kind of an IKEA counterpart – most of the pieces have to be assembled together. Prices are a little higher than IKEA, but the place is still worth a visit.


furnitureshop_4047403512Love Canada to the extreme and want your furniture to reflect the same? You’d find so many ‘Made in Canada’ pieces here. And the best part is that most of them are available at affordable prices.  We are almost sure you are going to buy something from here!


Kiosk is all about modern furniture, showcased across the store’s three storeys. Their European stock is among the best, including top class brands like LigneRoset, Zanotta and B&B Italia.

Commute Home

A store that artistically conjugates the modernity of today’s era and traditional looks of the mid century. The result is an impressive collection of pieces, which you would not find elsewhere. So, if you are looking around for a glided, fuchsia coffee table or a minimalist, angular sofa featuring dark toned walnut and neutral coloured upholstery, this is the furniture shop that you should bevisiting.

Black Pug DMK

Initially, Black Pug DMK only had Canadian made furniture to offer. However, they expanded their range last year, and now, have also included some Japanese pottery, handicrafts and antiques in their product line.

Angus and Company

Got some more to spend? Though prices are slightly higher than average, but we still suggest a visit to Angus and Company because of their vintage collection. Buy something from this place, and you’ll be surprised by its durability. So yes, it’s worth a visit.

The Art Shoppe

The Art Shoppe has a style for everyone out there. With its huge collection of furniture and decoration pieces, you’ll find this store fun. What’s more is that they offer decoration services absolutely free for all their consumers.

Some Pieces of Advice

  • Before you head down to any of the furniture shops in Toronto, decide where you’ll be placing the pieces that you buy. And now measure this area properly, and choose something that would fit well in the space without making the room look  over crowded.
  • Furniture pieces should complement each other well, but they don’t have to be exactly the same. So, instead of trying to match the sofa with cabinets, try to find a balance.
  • Before you finalize a piece, agree on the delivery charges as well. They can either make – or even break the deal.
  • Wow, you really love the covers on that sofa. But would they look as good in your den as they are looking at the store? Grab some fabric samples, and take them home to be sure. Every store stocks these samples, but some may charge a small fee.

Keep our furniture shopping tips in mind, and then head over to one of our suggested Toronto shops for some great and affordable collections!

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The Brick

The Brick是一家大主要迎合加拿大本地人喜好的一家大众化家具连锁店,比较着重于古典风格。