People who are familiar with the concept of Feng Shui know that houses designed on the basis of Feng Shui home design have a portion in the house that is called health area or health corner. Maintaining and cleaning this area is necessary and we will discuss the importance of it later, but first we will shed some light on the characteristics of Feng Shui home design and the health corner designated in this space.

What is Feng Shui Home Design?

This philosophy of ancient Chinese art home design states that the objects and things in your home possess some energy and you can use it to get the fortunes in your favor like wealth, health and good luck. By creating and directing this Feng Shui energy, you can make an effective home design.


Basic Features of Feng Shui Home

Outside of the House

A plantation around your house will help you surround your house with good Feng Shui Energy.

Front of the House

The front door of the house should be steered clear of any obstruction that can hinder the flow of energy. Make sure that in your next renovation, you will clear your front door from every object that can be placed elsewhere.

Energy Centers of the House

A Feng Shui home with a good energy flow possesses three energy centers in the form of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Having a strong essence of Feng Shui in these places is necessary to make a good Feng Shui House.

Health Area or Corner (Bagua Area)

We know that with the Feng Shui home design, different portions in the house serve different purposes. Even though the whole Feng Shui house affects your health in a positive manner, there are two energy centers in the house that are very strongly connected to the state of your well-being.

The one is the center of your house – it can be lounge or a dining area and the other one is called health corner or Bagua Area. There are various items that can make the health space in your house more effective. Next we will discuss those items and their cleaning so that you can maintain your health corner to the perfection.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Items in the Health Corner

The Feng Shui element of a good health area is wood, and elements that are strongly related to wood. For instance, the element of water and earth can also be incorporated in the renovation of the heath corner because both of them have a strong association with wood. Water nourishes wood and the element of earth strengthens and stabilizes it.

Therefore, the setting and renovation of the health area should be done with the help of those three elements. The following are some of the items and their cleaning tips so that you can maintain your health corner.

Wood Figurines and Sculptures


If you have a designated Feng Shui health area in your house, then it will definitely have some wood figurines. The objects made out of wood are used where you don’t have enough space and suitable location for plants, also it is easy to clean and refurbish the wood structures in routine renovations with varnishes and polishes in order to make sure that these wood items can continue to provide the health benefits of Feng Shui.


Wall Murals

Wall murals are another great way to decorate your health corner in an effective way. You can use the wall murals of water element and wood element in the health space of the Feng Shui home design. The murals of wood element are based on the imagery of plants and trees.

Cleaning a wall mural is a tricky task. Use a damp sponge with soapy water for the cleaning of the murals, make sure that the sponge is not dripping so that you can prevent the over wetting of the mural in order to retain its original texture. After the surface is cleaned with lathered liquid, clean the surface with another sponge damped with clean water. After the water treatment, blot-dry the mural with a piece of cloth that has good absorbing quality.

Wall Paints

The easiest way to increase the effectiveness of the health corner is to paint its walls with the colors that represent the Feng Shui elements. You can paint the walls in your health area with chocolate brown or spring green colors to represent the Feng Shui element of Wood. You can also use some splashes of aqua blue.

You can choose water resistant paint for the walls of the health area so that they can be cleaned easily. You can also renew your health area by giving them a fresh coat in your next renovation plan.

Light Fixtures

You can also decorate your health corner with Feng Shui light fixtures in a way that they can represent the Feng Shui elements of cure associated with someone’s wellbeing. You can make those light fixtures by yourself. Use some green color bottles for the light lamps in order to enhance the effect of green.

You can easily clean them after a while with a normal dusting cloth. If you are noticing diminished colors in the bottle, you can replace old bottles with the new ones in the next renovation.


We saved the best Feng Shui health area item for the last. Plants can be the best source of Feng Shui energy in the health corner of your house because they contain the elements of wood, water and earth and we know that all three are main Feng Shui elements associated with the health area.


Maintaining and cleaning plants inside the house is not a very easy task. One should constantly look after those plants so that they can stay in the state of bloom and continue to provide enough Feng Shui energy in the health area. Make sure that there should not be any spill-over of soil and water around the plant in order to maintain the tidiness of the space.

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