Coffee is more than just coffee for some people. Coffee can mean life to some and a regular dose of energy for others. If you are either of them, you are at the right place.

You get up every day and you just need a cup of coffee. When you are working at office, you need coffee to get you through the day. You even want a cup of coffee when you get home after a tiring day. Most of you will relate to this. If coffee is that important, Why not build a nice coffee table in your house? Or even better – “a coffee bar”?

People who are upbeat about renovation and home design will love the idea of having a coffee station at home. However, once you have made the decision of designing one, you will either be confused or short of ideas to build a great coffee station.  We are going to share some of ideas of renovating your home design.

But first, keep in mind the three basics of building an oh-so-tempting coffee station at your home.

1. Personalize it as much as you can – c’mon!

The idea to renovate your home in order to build a coffee corner is to have it made with a lot of thought. If the coffee station at your house does not have a lot of personality, was it even necessary to go through the hassle of building one?! Make sure that the coffee station looks like a “coffee bar” that is present in the coffee shop near your house. No matter what, your coffee station must reflect your personality. Doesn’t hurt to have one more way to woo others, does it?!

2. Choose the best place possible.

Mostly people will choose to renovate a kitchen corner to build a coffee station there. If you are one of them – great! Just make sure that the corner is easily accessible and convenient for a coffee bar, not just for you, but others too. Of course, you will not be the only one making coffee all the time. If you are looking for some place other than a corner kitchen – even better! You will have plenty of options to play with your home design to adjust a coffee bar there.

The space, however, should be sufficient enough to incorporate a coffee station. What you definitely don’t want is a congested and cranky looking coffee table.

3. Come up with an irresistible, yet convenient design.

Do not go overboard with decorating your coffee station. Once you have taken the renovation and home design into account, go easy with the ultimate decoration. Remember – less is more. The design should not only have a personality, but also must be easy to execute, easy on eyes and, of course, adjustable later on. Also, be thoughtful of the material of your coffee cups and plates, as they must compliment your design.

Since we have established the basics you should keep in mind while building a coffee corner, let’s get into some of the creative ways you can design it.

Vintage Cart, Now a Classy Coffee Station!

There are high chances that you already have a vintage cart at home. If you do, it’s time you change it from a plain cart to a gorgeous looking coffee station. Go with the colors of cups, plates and other essentials that are same as the color of the cart.

If you want to shake things up, choose the colors that best compliment the cart. You can place an espresso machine on the top shelf along with the cups. Add a tiny plant on the top or bottom shelf and boom – here’s your dream coffee station!

The Good Ol’ Wood Coffee Shelf!

Another great way to build a coffee station is to use wood. Simple, isn’t it? Nothing means more business than a corner shelf made of wood and especially the one dedicated for coffee and tea. Get to some renovation yourself or contact a home design company and get a great looking wood shelf made. One great way to seek attention with this type of coffee station is to spell out C-O-F-F-E-E with the above hanging monogram cups.

Bookshelves no more!

If you read, good for you, but if you don’t, you probably would still have a bookshelf at home that can be put to better use – ehm, coffee bar!  A bookshelf makes for a great place you can set up your coffee station on. Be creative with assigning the different shelves to different essentials of a coffee bar. Your home design will be elevate a notch higher with a bookshelf turned into a coffee station. If you do not have a bookshelf at home, do some renovation and get one built that is (secretly, or not so) for the purpose of coffee station.

Mini Coffee Closet – how’s that?!

You won’t need much renovation if you have a mini cabinet or closet in kitchen to spare. That closet will make for a great hideaway coffee nook. Nothing says more “classy” than a coffee station that comes sliding right out of a closet.

Go Chic with Black & White Theme

Your home design probably has some free space in front of a white wall. If not – you are sheer out of luck on building a coffee station that screams sophistication and style. Take a cart of same color as the wall (best if white), place it in front of the wall and add black accessories on the cart. You can also paste black and white photos on the wall right behind the cart using black tape. A great way to enhance fun with this coffee station is by hanging a blackboard on the wall with the coffee menu written on it with white chalk.

Having a coffee corner in your house speaks for itself. You will have a place that is full of personality and gives you the vibes of a first-rate coffee bar that neither you nor your visitors will be able to resist. Incorporate some of the above mentioned ideas in your home design and do some renovation if required, in order to build a great coffee station.

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