bedstand_404741295Redesigning your bedroom as a part of your home renovation project? Thinking of getting a new bed stand? A bedframe is the central piece that sets the tone of the entire room. How do you select the right bed stand? Which factors should you consider? What options do you have to choose from? We’ll talk about all of this and more in the paragraphs that follow.

What’s the size of your mattress?

Already have a mattress? Then it would be a tad bit easier for you to choose the bed frame. If the mattress is fullsize, then you require a double bed frame. And if the mattress is smaller, then you would be on the search for frames of that size.

So, figure out the size of the mattress, and then start looking for frames of the same size.

What if you don’t have any mattress? Well, you’d still have to consider the room size and whether you’d be sharing the bed with a partner or not. Also, if there is already a mattress size that you are comfortable with, then go for it.

What is the size of your room?

Generally, the bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room. Choose a size that is appropriate and would fit well in your room, without overcrowding it. If you already have a mattress, then place it in the room to figure out a suitable size. Or just measure the space where you’d be keeping the bed.

What if your room is too small? We’d suggest a simple metallic design or platform bed frame to save space. Another option is to increase storage and go with a bed that features drawers, compartments or shelves.

Which style should you opt for?

Bed frames come in so many styles and sizes. For a warm and welcoming look, opt for a wooden frame and laden it with pillows and quilts for coziness. If you want a sleek and classy appearance, then you would be better off with a metallic frame.

Canopy Bed

bedstand_4047412108A  canopy bed can either be draped with a light-colored fabric or be fully curtained. Whichever style you choose for, it makes an incredible statement and takes the appearance of your room to a whole new level; especially, if the canopy complements with the curtain and bedsheets color. For a grand look, opt for full canopies which are attached to the ceiling, or you could go with a simple, streamlined design as the one shown in the picture.

Draw the canopies close around the bed to make your room look dramatic, increase your privacy and keep the cold draft away during the winter seasons. Or, you could pull back the canopies, completely changing the ambiance of your room. If its summer, go with an airy and light canopy fabric, and in the winter, you can switch to thicker drapes.

Four Poster Bed

A four poster bed stand is similar to the canopy frame, but does not have any railings between the posters. So, you can’t hang any drapes around it. The bed frame gives your room a classic, antique look. If you want this particular kind of frame, then choose a dark tone, and pair it up with some white lighting fixtures, bedsheets and décor pieces; your room would look amazing.

A little tip for you: if you buy a four poster or canopy bed, measure both the height of the frame and your room. The bed should be able to fit in.

Low Post Bed

If you are looking for stately looks but without the dramatic height, go for a low post bed. Usually featuring a traditional, simple design, the frame is often made from wood. You will also come across stands featuring beautiful, intricate designs.


French Style Bed

Got a taste for wooden carvings?  The French style bedframe has beautifully carved and upholstered head and footboards. Considered to be the most romantic style of all frames, this bed is so comfortable – read, sleep or invite your partner over.

bedstand_4047413970Just one thing that you should be aware of: changing upholstery, when it gets damaged or stained, may incur significant expenses.

French Cane Bed

The French cane bed has a design similar to the French style bed. The headboard is straight, featuring carved deigns. The footboard has a low height or is omitted.

Wrought Iron Bed

Another bed frame that sends off some romantic vibes in the air. It’s strong, sturdy and durable. A bed with this kind of frame complements rustic styled rooms well. But, for the headboard to be comfortable when you prop up against it, you’ll have to use some thick, fluffy pillows.

If you move around often, this is the bed frame which you should go for since it can take a lot more strain than other types.

Brass Bed

Another durable bed frame type, the brass is either solid brash or just coated over some other metal. Like with a wrought iron bed, you would want some extra pillows here as well.

What do you want: a box spring or platform bed?

The answer actually depends on your budget. If you choose a platform bed, you only require a mattress without the box spring, which keeps the cost down. However, you can still get it if you want your bed to be higher off the floor. Plus, a platform bed is more firm; – another reason why it’s a preferred choice.

How much functionality do you want?

As already mentioned, if you get a bedframe featuring built-in storage, then you can maximize bedroom space and reduce clutter. Got young children or elderly parents? The height of the bed should be lower then. What if you often have overnight guests? In such a case, you can go with a bed that can be turned into a sofa, and vice versa.


Now that you know everything that there is about bed frames, let’s get down to styling your room.

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