how-to-prevent-the-bad-smell-from-your-kitchen-sinkIt does not feel good when you enter your kitchen and you are greeted with a strong rotten stench. It feels even more bad and disgusting when your kitchen has seen a recent renovation. Kitchen sinks are mostly the reason of the bad smell coming out of kitchens. There are two possible reasons that can cause your kitchen sink to stink; sewer gas or rotten food stuck in the sinks assembly.

Smell due to sewer gas

Sewer pipes and lines are filled with mixture of different toxic and non toxic gases like ammonia and methane which are produced due to the decomposition of organic substances. The drain pipe in your kitchen can become leaky and cause this mixture to come out in the environment of your kitchen. But there are other drainage and plumbing issues as well that can cause this problem.

These are the ways you can prevent the sink in your kitchen from smelling:

Having an unflawed drainage system

With an aesthetic home design it is necessary to have a good quality drainage system in place as well because a faulty and leaky drainage system can cause a bad smell in your kitchen. Make sure that during home renovations, the drainage system of the house also gets checked by a professional.

There are two other major components in drainage assembly which should be in a good condition to avoid any bad smells from your kitchen sink.

Quality Sewer trap


Sewer trap is a U-shaped part of the kitchen sink that is used to trap some water down their preventing the sewer gas to go out from the other end of the sink drain. The only way sewer gas can make its way to the open is when there is no water in the sink trap and absence of water can be caused due to two reasons if sink is not in use for a long time or there is a leakage in the sink trap. That is why it is necessary to have a quality sink assembly fitted in your kitchen. If presently you are not satisfied with its condition, try to include it in the next scheduled renovation plan.


Sound Plumbing Vent

Even if your kitchen sink and all its parts are in good shape and you have them checked but you are still getting bad smell from it due to presence of sewer gas then you should have to look somewhere else and that place can be the plumbing vets.

Plumbing vents are the vertical assembly that is fitted on home’s exterior walls. They are part of the house plumbing system to make sure that the pressure imbalance of gas in drain pipes can be compensated so that the sewer gas does not go in the home’s interior  through drain openings in different parts (kitchen, bathroom etc).

Consequences of a bad or an absent plumbing vent

The pressure fluctuation can cause the gas to come out from the sink into the kitchen, if the kitchen sink is not connected to the plumbing or drain vent. If that’s the case, then there is serious flaw in home design of your kitchen. Otherwise if there is a connected pluming vent to the draining system of your vent then check the vent for any blockage or leakage. Make sure that exterior home design incorporates plumbing vents in a way that they remain functioning for a long time.

how-to-prevent-the-bad-smell-from-your-kitchen-sink2Smell due to rotten food

If you have made sure that the bad smell coming out of kitchen sink is not due to the influx of sewer gas then the other reason for this can be the rotten food. Remains of foods which are trapped somewhere in garbage disposal or the drain rot with time and start to give an unpleasant smell. If rotten food is the cause for the kitchen sink to stink then there are several ways through which you can prevent it.

Use of hot water

The simplest way to make sure that your sink won’t be getting bad smells is to regularly flush it with hot water. Hot water helps in clearing out the sink pipe and the drain pipes from grease and oil which accumulates with time and can trap the remains of food. Make it a habit to drain left over hot boiled water from pasta, spaghetti or tea down the kitchen sink.

Mixture of vinegar and baking soda

If hot water is not working to make that smell go away then there are some other kitchen based items that can help you in preventing that bad smell. A combination of vinegar and baking soda can help you in clearing the drain lines of the sink from any unwanted items. A half cup of baking soda with a cup of vinegar can be used for the drain. Leave the drain for a while after putting that solution into it and then flush it with hot water.

Clean the garbage disposal

People who are very conscious of their home design and kitchen design usually fit their kitchen sinks with garbage disposals. It’s a useful apparatus to dispose of the leftover food. With other house renovations it is also necessary for garbage disposal to get serviced.

Citrus treatment

If you are getting a very slight tinge of smell from your sink then you can use oranges and lemons in garbage disposal. Their strong organic acidity helps in clearing the slight gunk.

Using ice and salt as cleaning agents

But if the garbage disposal is ignored for a long time then thicker layer of gunk will get stuck to its blades. Not only causing its performance to drop, but also becoming a reason for a stink coming out of the sink. In that case take some ice cubes and salt and put it in the garbage disposal. Ice will remove the sticky substances from the grinder blades while salt helps in getting it off from the inner walls of the garbage disposal.

Make sure that your next home renovation has some serious plans for the prevention of unpleasant smells from the kitchen sink.


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