There are numerous things you have to keep in mind when you’re renovating a kitchen and one of the things that matter most are the colors you choose. Some people like soft colors and others opt for bold and bright ones. There are no rules when it comes to choosing the right colors for your kitchen but make sure they go along with the architectural design of the kitchen and your house.1

You can find some examples of kitchens that stand out because they differ from the whole house, for instance, a vintage themed kitchen in a modern house. This is a big risk to take, so unless you have an eye for something like this, the kitchen wouldn’t attract you.

Given below are some tips that will help you decide on which color to choose for your kitchen.

Tips to Choose the Right Color For Your Kitchen

  • Buying a backsplash first would limit your choices of countertops. So leave it till you get the perfect countertop.
  • Pick colors that you like. Your choice might seem foolish to the next person, but each for himself. Choose a color you can emotionally respond to.
  • Buy countertops and flooring first. It would be easier to match the color of cabinets sand walls with these elements rather than doing it the other way around.
  • Start by choosing a basic color and then decide on the rest of the color palette. Carefully research all your options and then decide on the one you like the best.
  • Brighter colors can make the wall features pop out, especially if it has a unique architectural design. Opt for bold colors for areas around cabinets, door moldings etc. Or just paint an entire wall to highlight the kitchen.
  • Pick the lighting carefully. Lighting can drastically change the, look of your kitchen. Compare your choices of colors in daylight and under lighting fixtures. Opt for color-corrected lighting for a more natural look, even without daylight.
  • The undertone of wood matters and can create versatility. So when you choose cabinets, do consider this factor. Maple, for instance, can be tinted and even painted so the next time you remodel you wouldn’t necessarily have to change the cabinets.
  • Although you decide on the color beforehand, keep your mind open for other ideas. It happens sometimes, halfway down the road you realize the pasty color you chose won’t go with the color of the cabinets you love. So be prepared to make some last minute changes.

Whenever you renovate or remodel your kitchen, just remember a simple rule; Start off by choosing the least adaptable component first. This short but wise tip will help you a long way.

2Refreshing Kitchen Color Ideas

To help you get started, here are a few ideas for your kitchen wall colors.

  • Go for Green to match the greenery outside. The warm colors provide a cool, natural look. Add ample light source and the colors with ramp up the natural light. So be prepared to have a lighted, airy kitchen that just breathes freshness.
  • Soft shade of Blue combined with open shelving, preferably in white, will add serenity to the room. Though it may not be in fashion these days, but for a soft, subtler look, this color palette is the perfect choice.

Or go for darker shades of blue for a more traditional and elegant look.

  • Use Bold Red with a combination of two soft colors and look how your kitchen transforms. The secret to making this look work for your kitchen is that you should balance their intensity. Get help from professionals if you need to. This color palette combines soft, mid-tone and bright shades to form a unique display. Just choose the perfect elements to go with these colors and let your kitchen make a statement.

Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Apart from painting your walls, there are other ways you can add color to your kitchen. Read on to know a few inspiring ideas to brighten up your kitchen.

 Colored Sink

For an unexpected pop of color, get a colored sink. Not only affordable, they’ll add a splash of color to your otherwise simple and boring kitchen.

Swap your Seating

Change those boring and monotonous seating. You can just replace them with colorful and brighter options, or if you’re on a limited budget, just buy new cushions or slipcovers.

Wall Decals

There are numerous designs and colors of walls decals that can offer an uplifting look to any room. Add one on your kitchen wall and make the place instantly look alive. They are temporary, super convenient and don’t even damage the walls.

Open Shelving & Colorful Dinnerware3

With the option of open shelving, you can show off your colorful dinnerware and in the process add a little bit of color to your kitchen walls. So if you have a lot of colorful dishes then go for this option and amaze your guests with this simple and contemporary look. Or just buy some vintage themed tableware. That will surely awe your guests.


There are at least two ways you can use cabinets to brighten up your kitchen. Paint the cabinet doors and save yourself the hassle and cost of replacing them. Or you can simply remove the doors, paint the inside wall of the shelves and let them highlight your kitchen. Later on, you can add wooden frames with glass. This way your dinnerware stays safe and you can still flaunt the bright, new addition.

However you proceed, just keep your ultimate goal in mind, to brighten up your kitchen. Decide what better suits your taste and your kitchen’s architectural design and just start from there. These are just some things you can do for your kitchen. Do some more research and you’ll come across some great ideas. Best of luck!



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