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Reno Compass (renocompass.ca) is the #1 Bilingual (Chinese & English) platform that dedicates to help local homeowners connect with certified home professionals! We cover all different types of home improvement projects from rebuilding a house to lawn mowing! Our company will only work with teams who are responsible, have proper licenses and good testimonies! Our goal is to establish an easy and pleasant environment through the home renovation processes for local homeowners. We believe home is where the heart is. When it comes to home improvements, homeowners definitely want the most professional teams to serve them and also get the most competitive price on home improvement materials and decorations. This is when Reno Compass comes in place!

Testimonials User Review
Toronto Homeowner: Christina

Rewiew: The whole house renovation is already done! The masters of Youjia.com are all done, from the start of the protection to the renovation details are worthy of praise! And their engineering supervision services are also very good! I did not expect Canada to have the same professional decoration platform as the country! Next time, a friend will also recommend RenoCompass.ca !

Scarborough Homeowner: Lukas

Rewiew: I did the basement renovation, the masters they sent were very helpful, and provided many useful opinions and design plans. My basement is now gorgeous and comfortable, and I am very grateful to the professional services of RenoCompass.ca, I highly recommend the Homeowners who need to be renovated in the Toronto area!

Mississauga Homeowner: Anna

Rewiew: The construction process is very timely and quality-keeping. Real-time monitoring can also protect the interests of the owners. RenoCompass.ca is a very professional and efficient decoration platform!

Vaughn Homeowner: Jack.Z

Rewiew: RenoCompass.ca's projects supervision service is awesome, you can also choose your favorite design and renovation team, safe and secure, save money and worry! Next time I have a friend decoration, I will recommend him to find a home network decoration!

Markham Homeowner: Jasper

Rewiew: All the projects in our family are made by the masters recommended by Youjia. After more than two months, the designers of RenoCompass.ca have provided us with many good suggestions! Our requirements have been met! Thank you, Masters of RenoCompass.ca! Praise!

Projects Projects Demo
Burnaby House Sun Room
Renovation Demo
Vancouver House Kitchen Renovation Customized Cabinets
Renovation Demo
Surrey House Bathroom Renovation
Renovation Demo
West Vancouver House Flooring and Painting
Renovation Demo
Coquitlam Landscaping Projects
Renovation Demo
Richmond Steam Seafood Restaurant
Renovation Demo
Surrey Commercial Framing
Renovation Demo
Vancouver Sunroom
Renovation Demo
Vancouver House Interior Renovation
Renovation Demo

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